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A preschool that will provide children with a stimulating environment through which they can develop social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

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A typical day at preschool

Children learn most effectively when they can engage in an environment that is stimulating, exciting and based on their interests. Our day is based on learning through play and the children are free to choose what activities they wish to engage with. 

Children arrive at 8.45am and start by self registering. We then have free play until approximately 9.40am when we will have group time to talk about  the weather, and anything else that the children want to share with us. 

Snack time will follow and we alternate between group snack where we all sit and eat together, or a rolling snack where the children choose when they come to the table. 

We carry on with free play = and have free flow to the outdoor area so the children can choose indoor or outdoor activities. Some of these activities will be child initiated and some will be adult led - but all activities will be based on the children's developmental needs. 

At approximately 11.20am we will all tidy away the toys and then have a story, music time or engage in a physical activity. 

11.45am is the end of the morning session - when some children will finish for the day - and the remaining children will have lunch. 

In the afternoon we will follow a similar timetable. 

Some days we will choose to take the children for walks in the local area. The library bus or sensory bus will visit twice a term and we arrange visits from the police, fire service or other visitors of interest.